Micro-market racking system designed for
operators, by operators


We are a family owned company dedicated to bringing a brand new, high quality micro-market product display system that is cost effective to the vending industry.

Enhance your markets
These patent pending racking systems have been perfected through installation, use, and feedback from our long term micro-market service experience.
Not satisfied with existing bulky, high cost micro-market fixtures, we employed designers and engineers for something better.
Our micro-market racking systems are half the price of heavy wooden fixtures and offer a better design to maximize profits.

Our Patent Pending Display Racks Provide Limitless Combinations

The wire grid wall supports various combinations of shelves, baskets, and hooks for holding a wide variety of products. All units come with everything you need to assemble the rack and a standard set of product holding equipment.

  • Adjustable size rack system

    The base unit wall accommodates grid wall of either 36 inches wide or 48 inches wide.

  • Custom toppers and signs

    From logos to healthy images, you can design custom signage that easily fit onto the micro-market racks.

  • Strong, light-weight units

    Free standing, our patent pending metal micro-market racks provide a strong, yet portable solution that is durable and waterproof.

  • Fast and easy assembly

    Each patent pending new micro-market racking system comes complete with everything you need to assemble it quickly on location. You can also order the base unit separatley and use your own grid wall, baskets, shelves, and hooks.

  • Brand New Product Invention

    This cutting-edge micro market design is patent pending -- a brand new product you won't see anywhere else.

  • Contemporary design

    The simple lines and modern color give our micro-market display a timeliness contemporary look.

Made In The USA

FrameWorks™ is proud to call our micro-market racking system
an American made product, produced right here.

Don’t take our word for it

*Signs are shipped blank to allow the local addition of artwork/lettering, either vinyl or other. Request assistance, if needed.

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